Chris Erickson

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now page project.


  • SEO, Design and Content for
  • Launching new tools & services at Audflow
  • Still optimizing HearingTracker
  • Learning new ways to increase page performance and site speed
  • Still trying to figure out how to work less
  • I've committed to writing about marketing/digital over the next year
  • Settling in hard into a minimalist preference in design (and life)


  • Just had kid #5!
  • Moved to the Algarve and loving it!
  • Want to visit Iceland, but kiddo #5 may delay that. Checking out Sweden soon. Looking for some space in the summers that is less crowded.


  • Just read How to Live by Derek Sivers (great book but my favorite book is still Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod)
  • Looking forward to getting more beach time in
  • Did I mention I work too much? Working on that (or not).
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